Siemens Ortoralix Sterillium

There are many hospitals struggling with a limited budget and the use of good pre-owned equipment is more the rule than an exception. Peace-of-mind is acheived by a certainty that all consumables and spares are available many years after purchase. Even if original spares are obsolete, we are able to locate a certified source of refurbished equipment, around the world. X-ray equipment is notoriously difficult to repair if older than 20 years but the same applies to MRI and Scanners. Due to an extensive network of medical specialists both in the area of hardware and software we are able to offer cost-effective solution. Futhermore, diagnostics, vaccines, and consumables(instruments) can cost a fortune when needed in small quantities. Due to our orders grouping there is a way to offer wholesale terms for small deliveries. We share our already low air and sea freight rates with our clients from Brazil to Maldives. It is a challenge and a source of pride when the problem is solved which is previously declared unsolvable by the Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ), and it is happening all the time.


Siemens Somatom Volume Zoom
Quad Slice CT Scanner



Siemens Magnetom 1 Tesla from 1998, in working condition


Deinstallation photos





Siemens Angio Hicor 3.0

complete with tube from April 2005


Siemens PolyStar Angio Room Complete



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